Auto masking zbrush

auto masking zbrush

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When BackfaceMask is on, this radius greater than the thickness along the topology of a upper lip is being worked.

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Face Retopology Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to Perfecting Your 3D Model � blog � use-auto-masking-by-polygroups-in-zbrush. The Auto Mask FiberMesh button allows your brush to control a specific segment of each fiber that will be affected by the brush as you sculpt or paint. Use the. I tried masking the outer part to modify the inner one but when i mask the outside the inside gets masked too. Is there any way to avoid this?
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I will do some tests and see, what makes the best result and working speed. This curve gives a very high degree of control when using the Groom Brushes to style and arrange fibers. Each brush saves all of the settings in the brush palette as well the Stroke Palette, Alpha Palette and several settings in the Preference Palette.